Monkfield Terrainium

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Monkfield Terrainium

Available In 18, 24, 30 & 36 inches. Available in oak and black

From: £50.80
Monkfield Terrainium Oak Tall

Available In 18, 24, 30 & 36 inches.

From: £54.99
This enclosure is perfect for the novice reptile and invert keeper that wants a hassle free first time experience.

With 4 sizes available including a tall version (oak only), it's perfect for many hatchling and fully grown Snakes (e.g Corn Snake), terrestrial Geckos and most ground dwelling Tarantulas.

Available in Oak or Black. Other colours available on request, please call for details.

Setting up takes as little as 5 minutes, with no drilling or screwing!!

  • Step 1 - Slide a heat mat between the glass panels to the rear.
  • Step 2 - Insert the thermostat sensor into the pre drilled hole.
  • Step 3 - Plug it in and dress the interior to your reptile needs